How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business?

How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a highly profitable and thriving form of business. It is gaining immense popularity as technology is prospering. If you are making plans to accomplish a dropshipping business then it is undoubtedly a wise idea. To set a successful venture in the direction of dropshipping, stiff actions and formation of strategies is quite important.

Dropshipping is a favorable facet of a business as you do not stock products unnecessarily. Only after the confirmation of orders from your users, you establish links with retailers and suppliers. This increases profits and bolsters the growth of your business.

The basic question which pricks the mind of a person before riding on the venture of dropshipping is- What are the actual expenses required to proceed with dropshipping business?

In order to start your own dropshipping website, you would need the following:

  • Your own domain name
  • Hosting
  • Content Management System
  • A dropshipping software

Have you heard about Ali Dropship?

If the answer is a ‘NO’, then you must be aware of it, especially when you wish to start a dropshipping business.


Ali Dropshipping is the easiest way to start your dropshipping business. All you need to do is copy the product from AliExpress and put it in your own store. You will be setting the price and markup here.

You can also use the images, reviews, and descriptions. The prospective buyers will view the product image, review and description as it is.
AliDropShip is a plugin that allows you to create your own Ali Express digital store.

Once you create a WordPress website, this plugin will turn your site to a dropshipping store. After this, you just need to import the products you wish to sell from AliExpress.

You can add unlimited products with this plugin. Another benefit of this plugin is that you can create coupons with this.

AliDropShip costs $89. WordPress Site hosting will cost between $12-$30. You can find it for cheap, but an eCommerce site requires good bandwidth.

Add an additional $39 for a good WordPress site theme. In order to make your site famous, you must spend about $50 on ads/marketing.

Platforms That Allow You To Start Dropshipping Business

Following is a brief discussion related to the costs involved on major platforms of dropshipping –


WooCommerce is a great platform for conduction of dropshipping. This medium is expanding with more prominence in the market as it is the most reasonable and reliable one. You can perform wonder by practicing dropshipping on this network. WooCommerce is more eminent compared to its competitors. It is a large hub of credible buyers. The setting of a dropshipping store on WooCommerce is free of charge. But, there do exist some additional charges which must be fulfilled to use this medium.

An accountable domain name is powered by WooCommerce which ranges from $12 to $15 annually. This service is set in close integration with WordPress. The assortment of WordPress makes the WooCommerce network more productive. A hosting service is critical along with the setup of a domain name. The expense of hosting services varies from $5 to $30 monthly. Plugins, extensions and layouts are certain other costs that are associated with the dropshipping industry on WooCommerce. They can vary depending on the server and operator of the services. These additions cost from $10 to $150. Thus, a rough and minimum amount of $200 is required to exercise dropshipping on WooCommerce.


Shopify is one of the most desirable platforms to carry dropshipping. It is the most trusted one because it incorporates a great array of facilities for the users. The user is provided with professional themes to glorify their business. The networks of Shopify are safeguarded by SSL certificate which increases the trustworthiness to great extents. One can generate good profit margins and revenues by turning to Shopify. Conduct your dropshipping investment on this platform and flourish your business more magnificently.

There are three modes of Shopify and the price range varies accordingly. The cost of the basic level of Shopify can be grabbed in a whopping amount of just US $29 per month. The other level of Shopify grants the users with more benefits, traffic and leads. It is called a medium level or just Shopify. The price of this level is US $80. The most advanced and proficient level of Shopify is known as an advanced Shopify. It generally costs US $299 per month.

Get your hands on the most suitable one as per your requirements and budget. Avail the excellent advantages which are provided by Shopify. Take your e-commerce to new heights of success and accomplishments with Shopify.


BigCommerce is yet another impeccable forum to accomplish dropshipping eCommerce. This has a great variety of applications on its system. Along with diversity in applications, the support present is remarkable. A wide prospect of features and web hosting services are available on this medium. Dropship on this medium and attain a good name in the market in no time. Set standards and achieve high benchmarks with the assistance and tools available on BigCommerce.

The aspects of BigCommerce also vary and come in three basic phases. The foremost one is regarded as a standard plan. There are a minimum number of benefits present in this one as compared to the advanced levels of BigCommerce. This level is considered as the most appropriate and result yielding one for a newcomer. The cost of this category is just $29.95 per month. Subscription plan’s cost is around $79.95. The last proposal is called a pro plan and it is the most astounding one. In terms of benefits, lead generation, traffic and marketing, this plan stands out amongst all others. One can avail the benefits of this plan is $299.95.


OpenCart is also a significant mode for executing dropshipping. There are numerous stores present on this platform. They will aid you to unravel opportunities and marketing more effortlessly. Real-time synchronization can be integrated into this service. The stores and warehouses present are prominent. They enable you to set easy prices and offers on your products.

One can start dropshipping with OpenCart for just $99 per month. The prices are flexible and more compatible as per other networks existing in the same arena. The user interface and user experience present on OpenCart are up to the mark of excellence. One can gain a good number of benefits from this platform by integrating it perfectly with their e-commerce.

Business is a risky venture, but it is the most beneficial one if it is taken into practice properly. Add more grace and charm to your monotonous way of dropshipping with smart strategies. Dropship with OpenCart at your own pace and achieve benchmarks in your business.

Concluding Thoughts

These were the cost criteria pertaining to drop shipping on some dominant platforms. Start your endeavor in the same direction and gradually come out as a successful entrepreneur. Focus on the appropriate marketing and brand positioning and generate more leads towards your dropship website. The leads increase the traffic at your site and it directs to more success and profit margins for your business. Offer productive goods and services to your users and earn them as your potential clients. The world of dropshipping is integrated with risks and uncertainties. But with a perfect strategy and determined efforts, one can easily achieve marvelous milestones in this field.

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